Check out the latest about what Raveena Tandon has to say about her broken engagement with Akshay Kumar

Still stuck to my head...: Raveena Tandon breaks silence on broken engagement with Akshay Kumar

Raveena Tandon is one of the most loved and admired actresses and performing artistes that we are all blessed to have in the Indian entertainment industry. It’s been many years now that Raveena Tandon has been actively working in the Hindi entertainment industry and well, we are truly proud of her. On many occasions in the past, she’s shown nerves of steel and has proven the fact that she’s here to stay and dominate in the long run. Around the 90s, it was no hidden secret that Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon dated for a brief period of time before eventually parting ways and getting married. Regarding the same, Raveena Tandon opened up in an interview and was quoted as saying,

“It comes up, and it comes up like there’s a war between everyone whom he’s involved with. Hello, once I had moved out of his life, I was already dating someone else, and he was already dating someone else, so kahan se jealousy ayegi (why would anyone be jealous)? We were a hit pair, during Mohra, and even now, when we bump into each other socially, we all meet, we all chat. Everyone moves on. Girls have been changing their boyfriends every week in colleges, but one engagement that has broken is still stuck to my head, I don’t know why. Everyone moves on, people have divorces, they move on, what’s the big deal?”

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