In an Instagram live session on Wednesday, the ever radiant Sushmita Sen shared an update on her health and projects with her fans. The actress, beaming with joy, mentioned that she is healing beautifully after experiencing a heart attack earlier this year, which led to her hospitalization. She reassured everyone that she is taking good care of her health.

Here’s what she said

During the live session, conducted from inside her car as she returned home from an event in Mumbai, Sushmita also spoke about her upcoming projects. She expressed her gratitude for the love and warmth she received from her fans and revealed that she is working on “Aarya” Season 3 and a series titled “Taali,” based on the life of transgender activist Gauri Sawant.

Exciting news for fans of the crime thriller series “Aarya” came as Sushmita disclosed that its third season is set to release this year. However, she mentioned that an official announcement is yet to be made for the confirmed release date.

As the 47-year-old actress continues her journey to recovery, her positive spirit and dedication to her work continue to inspire her admirers. Sushmita Sen’s fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming projects, eagerly awaiting the thrilling return of “Aarya” and the impactful portrayal of Gauri Sawant’s life in “Taali.”

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