Sushmita Sen is set to take on the role of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant in the upcoming web series “Taali.” The series delves into Shreegauri Sawant’s journey of physical transformation, her path to motherhood, and the legal battles that led to the recognition of the third gender on official documents in India. The show is scheduled to premiere on JioCinema on August 15.

In an interview with News18, Sushmita Sen shared a touching interaction with Shreegauri Sawant after she watched “Taali.” Sen recounted that Shreegauri blessed her, kissed her forehead, and presented her with a gift. Shreegauri expressed her approval, saying, “I don’t want to watch. Whatever she is doing, she’s doing fine. She is like my marble statue.” As quoted by Hindustan Times.

Sushmita Sen not only portrays Shreegauri’s journey on-screen but also acknowledged her real-life struggles. The actress emphasized that the web series serves as a tribute to Shreegauri’s life and resilience.

Reflecting on her connection with Shreegauri, Sushmita Sen revealed their friendship. She highlighted Shreegauri’s unwavering support during challenging times and the deep care she exhibits. Sushmita finds Shreegauri’s love and actions truly inspirational, describing her as a source of motivation.

As “Taali” brings to light the extraordinary life of Shreegauri Sawant through Sushmita Sen’s portrayal, it not only sheds light on a significant chapter in Indian history but also showcases the powerful bond that has developed between the actress and the activist.