Varun Dhawan’s good-natured trolling of Lilly Singh on Twitter

Varun Dhawan trolls Lilly Singh

Everyone knows that Varun Dhawan is one of the coolest blokes in B-Town. He’s fun-loving, down to earth and has an awesome sense of humour. His humorous side was in ample display recently, when he good-naturedly trolled Lilly Singh on her post on Twitter.

The internet diva had shared a hilarious post on Twitter about being late to the techno-party and her late awakening to the joys of using the Apple AirPods. Her self-deprecating humour was refreshing and funny. Our very own Varun Dhawan was quick to sense an opportunity to troll Lilly Singh, and he grabbed it with both hands.

Of course, the trolling was all in good fun and chumminess, since Varun Dhawan and Lilly Singh happen to be very good friends, both on social media and offline. In the past too, Varun Dhawan has indulged in fun banter on Twitter with Lilly Singh, on more occasions than one.

Here’s the Twitter exchange between the two popular celebs –

That was a good one, Varun. Over to you now, Lilly!


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