IWMBuzz shows you how to be confident like these actresses to not give a damn. Check out the photos below

Too glam to give a damn – Sara Ali Khan, Sunny Leone, Anushka Sharma & Poonam Pandey in a short bikini

In today’s judgemental society where it is mostly about passing unnecessary judgements about women and their choice of outfits, some women come forward as the real ‘Deal breaker’ by challenging the stereotypical judgements right on their faces.

While some women are shamed and defamed for their choice of outfits, confident actresses and personalities like Sara Ali Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey tell you how to look suave and confident by just doing what you want, and that want can sometimes be just to rock that ‘Bikini’ look. In this period of self-quarantine, we show you some hot and stunning photos of Sara, Anushka, Sunny & Poonam which are all about confidence and sexy goals.

Check out the photos below to draw some inspiration as to how to fight the societal judgements like a ‘Pro’. –

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