One of the biggest directors Prashanth Neel has totally left the audience spellbound with his blockbuster film KGF 1 and KGF 2. Well, taking the journey ahead, the biggest action director is about to bring along yet another cinematic marvel with Hombale Films upcoming ‘Salaar‘ starring the biggest superstar Prabhas. As we recently got to hear the big announcement about the release of the teaser of Salaar, a moment that has grabbed our attention signifies that Salaar could be the part of KGF universe, and we assume how?

We all must have remembered the climax of KGF 2 when Rocky Bhai is sailing the ship in the thundering ocean and gets attacked. But not many of us would have noticed the time in the clock that was hanging on the wall was 5:12 AM which is exactly the same as the release of the Salaar teaser on 6th July at 5:12 AM. Isn’t this a big coincidence? We don’t think so. We feel that director Prashanth Neel has left subtle clues for our intelligent eyes to understand that Salaar indeed is part of the KGF universe.

Recently, on the anniversary of KGF 2, the makers teased the audience with a short glimpse and gave fire to the conversations of KGF 3. This indeed makes it plenty clear that the KGF saga is far from over. With Salaar now starting to come to the surface, we think that Salaar might be a chapter in the entire Prashanth Neel’s cinematic universe.

Well, this has further ignited our excitement to see if we will get to see Rocky Bhai coming on the screen with the most violent man, Salaar?