Here a Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses in 2020…

Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Kaley Cuoco, Elisabeth Moss: Top 10 highest paid Hollywood actresses of 2020

A few actresses have established themselves in Hollywood as a brand and have become the highest-paid actresses. They are so good at acting that they have managed to garner millions of loyal fans who never miss a single film or event of their favourite. Thus, the actresses have managed to get such high salaries, as per reports. Although the gender pay gap is evident, these actresses are tough competition for men in Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson – $56 million
Sofia Vergara – $44.1 million
Reese Witherspoon – $35 million
Nicole Kidman – $34 million
Jennifer Aniston – $28 million
Kaley Cuoco – $ 25 million
Elizabeth Moss – $ 24 million
Margot Robbie – $ 23.5 million
Charlize Theron – $ 23 million
Ellen Pompeo – $ 22 million

We could only imagine earning this kind of salary in a year!

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