R Madhavan shares a funny story with audiences.

My Wife’s Got Appendix: R Madhavan Opens Up On A Funny Story Leaving Internet In Splits: See Video

R Madhavan, who started his acting career quite a while back, has made quite a name in this industry. Once at an event, he shared a funny story. He said, once a doctor got a call from his patient Mr. Abdul, who said, “Doctor Saab, my wife is really really ill and she’s got a big stomach ache and she can’t sit and she can’t sleep and she’s in big pain, can I come and visit you?” And he said, ‘Yes, by all means’.

And like all patients today he’s done his research, he’s gone into the internet and he said, “usko yeh ho sakta hain, wo sakta hain, and the doctor said, ‘Don’t worry let me handle it’. And he checked her out and he said “She has an infected appendix, so I have to do a surgery and she’ll be fine.”

The surgery was done, she was fine and Abdul was a happy man. One year later, he calls back to doctor and says, “Sir, my wife has got a stomach ache, please do the appendix operation, she’ll be fine.” And so doctor said — the doctor Manu said, “Listen, I am the doctor, let me diagnose, Abdul, please bring her to the clinic and we’ll fix it up.” But he said, ‘No, no, sir fix up that operation date, we’ll do it in half an hour and we’ll be back — just she needs that appendix removed’.

So now he’s losing his patience, he says “Let me do the diagnosis, Abdul, bring her to the clinic.” And he’s still insisting and finally the doctor lost it, and he said, “Listen, I am the doctor and let me tell you that every human being has only one appendix, and I have already taken out the appendix. So please don’t tell me how to do my job.” Abdul waited very patiently for the doctor to finish with his assumptions and then he shot back very meekly, he says, “Sir, I agree with you, every human being can have one appendix but a man can have two wives, right?” Later, everyone started laughing. Check below!