Akshay Kumar is renowned for his work and has become the superstar of the industry. He has appeared in several hit films and has become the favorite star of the industry. The star is very energetic and always impresses us with his fun-loving moments. The actor’s journey in movies has been motivating. He has approximately a dozen future projects, making him the active actor in B-Town. The actor is doing a lot of promotion for his upcoming film, Raksha Bandhan, which will be released on August 11th, 2022.

On their private jet to Indore, Akshay Kumar played a game of Ludo with his on-screen sisters. They appeared to be enjoying themselves greatly. The girls and Akshay Kumar agreed that if the girls won, Akshay would go shopping, and if they won, one of the females would have to go collect food from their house. According to his Instagram story, Khiladi star asked his followers to recommend locations where he might take the females for a tasty treat after losing to the girls.

He also received a lot of recommendations. As he expressed his gratitude to them, Akshay wrote in his story, “Behne khush to yeh Bhai bhi khush.” A few days back, Akshay Kumar was snapped playing Chidiya Ud with his on-screen sisters, and they entertained their fans and remembered their childhood days.

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