Salaam Venky is right now one movie that’s doing the rounds. It has so far created quite a fair amount of buzz and no wonder, fans are super excited. This was the first time when the likes of Kajol and Revathy came together for a special project and hence, it’s only natural that this was going to create quite a bit of impact. So far, the reviews have been pretty amazing and no wonder, fans are truly excited to see something special and fun. A special screening of the movie was held yesterday which was attended by the who’s who of the industry. We saw quite many special names including Kajol herself and as expected, she was seen slaying effortlessly in her vogue game.

Alongside Kajol, we also saw the likes of Aamir Khan and Yuvraj Singh make a grand entry. While Aamir’s presence was no surprise as the actor is a dear friend of Kajol, Yuvraj Singh making it to the screening was quite an interesting surprise. Kajol, Aamir and Yuvraj, all three of them looked effortlessly stylish and we loved it. Want to check it out? See below –

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