Srinidhi Shetty is a South Indian actress model who has worked in the industry for years. She appeared for Miss Supernatural pagent 2016 and later she won Miss Supranatural 2016. The actress made her debut in the south cinema with KGF Chapter 1 which hit the box office and later the actress shined in the audience with KGF 2 which is becoming one of the most viewed movies.

Srinidhi Shetty fits perfect the phrase Beauty with brains. Srinidhi was crowned miss Supranatural 2016. She even won that contest. And so here we bring you her flawless skin and beauty secrets.

As per the reports, Srinidhi uses natural products or natural things to keep her skin healthy. The actress uses natural rose and Aleo vera to moisturize and hydrate her skin. While to make her skin healthy all time, Srinidhi uses moisturizing toner for her skin.

Another thing that is part of her daily routine that she sticks to is vitamin C serum that repairs skin damage caused by sun rays. The Must thing Srinidhi says is that your skin should be highly monster rice and so she keeps the skin moisturised every now in then.

And they must think is sunscreen. She applies sunscreen before venturing out under the sun. She also follows promised night routine as she exfoliates her skin to purify the skin.