Know more about Jungkook's love life

BTS fame Jungkook and his love life

Jeon Jungkook is one of the most popular and happening K-pop stars at the moment and his fan following and craze is immense. Jungkook is one personality who believes in leading from the front and no wonder with that kind of a professional attitude, he’s helped the BTS boyband reach new milestones in their entertainment career.

Jungkook isn’t just one of the most talented dancers and singers but he’s also one of the most good-looking dashers that we have in the K-Pop world of South Korea. Girls drool over his amazing personality big time and no wonder such a dynamic and hot young man will have girls swarming around him like bees all the time. But what about Jungkook’s love life and relationship? Is he single or committed?

Well, to break the ice we reveal to all of you that Jungkook is happily single and earlier when rumors of him dating Kim Seo Hyun emerged, he smartly clarified saying that they are just good friends.

So girls, are you all jubilant and excited hearing Jungkook’s relationship status?

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