Here, check out BTS J-Hope's facts which are a must-know for every fan

BTS J-Hope’s Little-Known Facts Every ARMY Must Read

BTS J-Hope is currently enlisted for his mandatory military service for 2 years. So the band members took time off to bid farewell to their Hobi and wish him well for his military service. J-Hope is a popular Idol among K-pop music lovers around the world. Hobi is like a ray of sunshine for his ARMY and everyone around him. He makes people feel valued and has a favourable opinion and optimistic nature. And so you might be more interested to know other exciting details about your favorite Hobi.

1) BTS J-Hope has nicknames like Jung Hoseok, Hobi, and Hope. In addition, he has earned the name Golden Hyung. Also, he is lovingly called Seokie. J-Hopes is also called the Team Dance Leader.

2) Before becoming a K-pop sensation J-Hope was a member of Neuron, a street dance team. The idol was rejected by JYP Entertainment in 2009. But later, things worked out, and he became the third singer of the boy band BTS.

3) BTS J-Hope doesn’t have his ears pierced. You might have seen him in many pictures wearing earrings, but those are just ear cuffs and clips.

4) Like many K-drama lovers, BTS J-Hope is a big fan of the famous show Crash Landing On You. Also, he once mentioned that he loved the story of a wealthy heiress and Korean soldiers.

5) BTS J-Hope believes, “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results.”

6) BTS J-Hopes is admired globally for his philanthropy work. The idol regularly contributes to the welfare of poor children and society.

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