After J-Hope enlisted for military service, rumours of receiving special treatment circulated on the web

BTS J-Hope Got Special Treatment During Military Enlistment?

BTS J-Hope recently enlisted for mandatory military service starting on 17th April 2023. And to bid farewell, BTS boys from Jungkook, V to Jimin everyone went along with the idol till the military brigade bid farewell to their Hobi. At the same time, the eldest of the band BTS, Jin, welcomed J-Hope. However, the rumours of J-Hope receiving special treatment are going viral online.

BTS J-Hope Receiving Special Service?

BTS boys were teary-eyed when J-Hope left for mandatory military service. In addition, the eldest Jin began his military enlistment last year in December. And now J-Hope enlisted for compulsory military service this month. However, it has been a couple of days, and now the BTS band is being slammed for receiving special treatment due to their fame.

Talking about the issues, BigHit Entertainment agency wrote, “We are currently checking [the truth of the report]. We will make a statement after checking.”

Before leaving for military service, J-Hope held a live session on 16th April for his fans. And during that session, J-Hope promised to keep himself healthy and return safely. Also, he assured fans that he would sometimes try to connect with and greet them. And he is all set to do his service wholeheartedly. In addition, he also wants to learn English, so he will try to achieve what he has thought of. And later, on 17th April, he shared a picture of himself in the buzz cut for the military.

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