Who's hotter between Jungkook and Kim Seok-Jin?

BTS Jungkook Vs BTS Kim Seok-Jin: Who’s Hotter?

The fanfare and craze around the BTS boyband is for real and we all know the amount of love and adulation which the boys get for their hard work and talent. While some may feel that they are overrated and the craze is only to show that talent is beyond any race, the others certainly feel talents like Jungkook and Kim Seok-jin deserve to be placed and spoken alongside talents like Justin Bieber and Usher in the same zone so that K-pop doesn’t feel alienated. Opinions might differ but we cannot really question the humongous talent of Jungkook and Kim Seok-Jin.

Apart from being fantastic performers who have played a key role in taking the BTS ‘Army’ forward, Jungkook and Kim Seok-Jin are also two individuals who enjoy a huge female fan following for their super-hot and handsome looks. Add to that, their impressive sense of fashion which serves as a cherry on the top situation for both.

It’s truly a hard debate to compare between the two as to who is actually hotter but readers, if we ask you to take the call between one of them as the hottest, whom would you pick and why?

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