After his assignment in Qatar, Jungkook, the newest member of BTS, came home. Jungkook’s response, in which he performed charming movements to demonstrate his love for the ARMY, won the hearts of his admirers.

During a live session, BTS band members joined their Army to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday. Fans greeted the brilliant singer with sweet wishes as Jungkook’s little ponytails caught everyone’s attention.

On Weverse, Jungkook, who turned 25 on September 1st, expressed his gratitude to the Army for all of the affection. “Aigoo, I meant to write a post before midnight, but I passed out,” he wrote. Even though my birthday is over, I was so affected by all of your kindness and the events you held for me. Next, Billboard’s No. 1 position… I lack words… I think it’s wonderful that I was born, and I’m grateful to my parents for giving me life. You should constantly keep in mind that BTS = ARMY, despite the fact that the No. 1 was in our name; you do realize that, right? Oh, how I regrettably regret missing the timing and doze off.