BTS member V posted new shirtless images to Instagram, which enraged his followers.

BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung Oozing Oomph In Shirtless Avatar, See Pictures

V, a member of BTS, recently sent his followers some brand-new portraits. He was in Seoul for a few days before going to New York. His new photos were most notable for the fact that he was shirtless in them, which shocked many of his fans and his bandmate J-Hope.

V from BTS, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, has a catchy voice and adorable selcas. An unexpected look that highlighted his amazing physique! Tae Tae posted a few images online in which his upper torso was completely exposed while he was positioned on top of a park bench made of wood. The scene where a brown jacket drops down V’s shoulder in broad daylight has BTS ARMY in a frenzy; in other words, Taehyung has caught everyone’s attention!

V, aka Kim Taehyung, posted identical images in both black & white and color. He appeared to be relaxing on a bench in the sun. Given that he is surrounded by nature, he appears to be in a park. He posed amazingly shirtless with his back to the camera while wearing pants.

V added an emoji to the caption before posting the photo. Soon after he posted the image, it not only caught the ARMY, or BTS fandom’s attention but also left J-Hope speechless. J-Hope added an astonished face emoji and many fire emojis to the comment box.

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