BTS's Skin Care Routine And Jungkook's Skin Improvement Journey Over The Years

With their smooth dance skills and melodic voices, the Bangtan guys are dynamite entertainers who can stop the world in its tracks. The seven boys joined together to work their magic and gave the rest of the globe a chance to experience South Korean music. It goes without saying that the lads’ extremely busy schedules have a negative impact on their skin. But now that I think about it have fans ever witnessed the boys with terrible skin, a zit, or even puffy eyes?

Always no is the response! The boys always brag about their envious sheen. We came upon a video that describes the skincare regimens of V, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga. It’s basic, easy, and something that you need to try too.

V, one of the world’s most attractive men, has a combination complexion, which is why he emphasizes the need to use a wet cotton pad when applying toner to care for his skin.

J-Hope makes sure to follow the complex Korean skincare routine, which entails using lotion, cream, an essence for treating acne, and toner.

Jin stands by the use of sheet masks and sunscreen. His daily routine is really straightforward.

The next thing Jimin revealed was that his favorite skincare tip is to drink a lot of water and take off his makeup before night. Sometimes the little things can have a big impact.

RM once acknowledged that he has dry skin. He makes sure to moisturize sometimes to nourish his skin and maintain that under control. Jungkook has frequently discussed having acne-prone skin. Jungkook uses toner and a moisturizer in the morning and evening to maintain his healthy skin. One of the few men in the group with a low-maintenance skincare regimen is probably Suga. He only moisturizes and applies a sheet mask.It’s important to note that all the males swear by using sheet masks to instantly moisturize their complexion and give it a boost.

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