Check out the car collection of Jungkook from the BTS gang!

Here Are The Cars Owned By BTS Jungkook

Jeon Jung-kook, who is also known as Jungkook has made many fall in love with his amazing voice, dance moves, and looks. He is a part of the renowned South Korean boy band, BTS. He has been a member of the Korean boy band since its establishment. Jungkook from BTS has got an enormous fan following from all over the planet. He has been loved and supported by all of them. He is one of the backbones of the famous BTS group.

Apart from singing, he is also well known for his dance moves and his style. He is praised by many for his talents. Jungkook has always nailed it with his looks in every occasion and has become a huge fashion sensation in the k-pop industry. He is one of the top successful artists in the k-pop industry. Jungkook has got global recognition, along with the other BTS members.

As per and, Jungkook has got a Mercedes Benz GT63S for himself, a few months back. The k-pop star from the BTS squad has been seen driving it in and around Seoul. Apart from the four-wheeler, Jungkook is also having a red color Hyosung superbike which is said to be one of his favorite possessions. The car collection of Jungkook is really fascinating and fans are eagerly waiting to see some more in the near future.


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