Jungkook is a famous South Korean singer and songwriter. He is very popular all around the world as he is one of the seven-member of the worldwide famous band BTS. He is very popular for his talent as a singer and also for his looks and fashion.

Jungkook is the youngest member of the BTS. He was only 15 when he debuted with BTS in 2013 and now he has turned out to be the most popular celebrity in South Korea and one of the most famous around the world. Jungkook has one of the huge fan following among all the members of the BTS and the majority of his fan following are among females.

Jungkook is not only known for his singing and music but also for his looks and fashion. One more thing he is remembered for is his hairstyle. He has been spotted in different hairstyles and all of them look good on him. His iconic long perm hair is loved by all. Apart from this his bed hair, bucket hairs, long hair, Maltese hair, and with that he always loves to wear caps be it bucket or baseball.

Jungkook loves showing his fans his different hairstyles, now it completely depends on us as fans to decide which one looks good on him.