Know this unknown fact about BTS fame Jeon Jungkook

Did you know this about Jungkook?

Jeon Jung-kook is a superstar in the true sense of the term. The best fact about Jungkook and his BTS is that in today’s digital age where receiving hate on social media is almost like a ‘new normal’, Jungkook and his Bangtan Boys literally got no hater. The BTS have an ‘army’ of fans who love them unconditionally for everything that they do and no wonder they are also called ‘ARMY’ for real.

Girls to gaga and crazy on Jungkook not just for his adorable personality, good looks and music talent but also because of the humble person that he is in reality. While all you Jungkook fans might think you know it all about him, the reality is slightly different. Today, we reveal to you a really big secret about Jungkook which not many people know.

As per reports in koreaboo. com, he used to touch his hyungs’ butts to calm his nerves.

Now that’s really hilarious ain’t it? What’s your reaction to this unknown fact? For more updates, stay tuned to

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