Know unknown facts about EXO boy band's Sehun

Everything You Should Know About EXO’s Sehun

The EXO boy band group is immensely popular all around the globe for its exceptional pool of talent and their poster boy Sehun has certainly taken the charge when it comes to ensuring that the band attains new heights and milestones in their career. Some of the most popular songs of EXO boyband group are Love Shot, Ko Ko Bop, The Eve, Monster and many more and all these compositions by Sehun have earned an immense amount of love and adulation already. While you all might have thought that you know it all about him, the reality is slightly different. So today, we tell you some unknown facts about Sehun which will blow your mind.

As per,

Sehun was scouted on the streets when he was just 12 years old

He is a former Ulzzang

He shares a room with Suho

After training as a singer for just one day, it became his passion and he decided to take it as a career

He likes to cry

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