The BTS boyband is well and truly the most loved and credible boyband that we have in the world of Korean music and entertainment. While all the members of the squad are immensely loved by one and all, one member who’s always been ahead of others in terms of attention, fame, popularity and fan following is BTS member Jungkook. For all these years, BTS member Jungkook has always been a favourite of the ARMY. Be it for his talent and potential as a dancer and singer to eventually his humane side, ARMY love him for everything that he does. While more often than not, ARMY shower him with love, this time, we are here to talk to you all about one instance where he actually had to lash out at his ARMY.

As per the latest media reports in The Indian Express, Jungkook had addressed his concern during Weverse Live and was quoted as saying,

“I wasn’t going to say anything. I’m really thankful that you guys are cheering for me, and sending me lots of interest and love. I’m really thankful. I really am.” He added, “Please don’t come to see me when I am exercising. I was really surprised last time. I finished working out, and I had to go home. That time when we did that live broadcast. It was about 20 minutes or 30 minutes… 20 minutes before going home, and I turned on the live stream. I was going to go home, but there were people there. I’m really thankful for the interest you show me, but this was not an official schedule (I went to). So you know.”

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