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Revealed! South Korean Singer Baekhyun’s Inspirational Journey

When it comes to the musical world of K-pop, South Korean sensation Baekhyun is one of the most popular artistes of the world. Baekhyun and his EXO group command a great deal of fan following all around the world and the record numbers in views whenever they drop a video on YouTube is the biggest example of that. Today, Baekhyun might be one of the biggest artistes in the world and you know all about his life after becoming a sensation. But what about his life before it? How did it all start for him?

Well, we reveal it to you all here.

Baekhyun started training as a singer when he was just 11 years old. He was massively influenced by South Korean singing sensation Rain and he followed Rain like crazy.

Later on, he became the lead vocalist for a band named Honsusangtae and it was only after becoming successful there was he spotted by SM Entertainment in South Korea and eventually, he became a part of the EXO family.

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