Video of RUN BTS 2023 special episodes has released officially on YouTube on Tuesday, check out here

The Run, The BTS septet’s special episodes have dropped on YouTube, and this time the makers compelled each individual to produce their possess YouTube-style showcases while the other members give live commentary. And likely BTS did not fail to put on highly amusing set off on the show that were a testimony to their identities and left their fans in fits of giggles.

With a fun banter, roasting each other and more, the BTS boys put up some amazing showdown in the video reel, as it shows in the video. Soon after it got circulated online, the ARMY came in all gaga commenting on the septet boy band and their ‘cuteness’ that flow in eternity.

One wrote, “THIS IS SO FUN!? I LOVE YOU BTS LET’S SHOW OUR CUTE BOYS OUR LOVE!<3 I STILL MISS JIN” Another wrote, “The fact that I was feeling so down today and I laughed so much while watching this episode. Bts truly are our angels” A third user wrote, “How glad to see them all together, even without knowing Korean, it's so nice to listen to them, everyone is cheerful, there are smiles on their faces and our hearts are calm, glad that they are doing well. Jungkook is also getting better, looks good. I wish the whole group health, happiness , creative success, be always in demand.” A fourth one wrote, “What a joy to see you together☺ So happy and cozy. Please always be like this? As soon as I heard "Mr. Back", I immediately remembered how you cooked and had fun together. Thank you so much for such memories that give me warmth and comfort❤?? And I hope this year there will be even more of them. Even if you go to the army, we will stay with you forever Please do not be sad and take care of yourself and your health. Don't sacrifice yourself for us. After all, if something happens to you, we cannot live without you?” For the unversed, earlier in 2022, BTS’ pioneer member RM announced that group shall be going on an indefinite hiatus. Also in the meantime, they were asked to join the military. As per reports, Jin, who’s the eldest member of the group has started his journey in the military training.

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