The BTS boy band has always been new for its out-of-the-box looks. While not just he has a dashing personality, but he also is an expression king. His cute facial expressions are ARMY’s favorite. Being the youngest in the group Jungkook receives a lot of love and care from all the group members. Jungkook has a lean personality and a cute facial structure. Jungkook often makes headlines with his gestures. And these 8 facial expressions of BTS Jungkook will melt your heart.

BTS Jungkook’s Adorable Expressions

Undoubtedly BTS Jungkook has a cute baby face with deep brown eyes. In this picture, the idol wore a white t-shirt and a black and white checkered coat. At the same time, the long silver earrings rounded his look. In addition, the bangs’ golden hairdo made him look cute.

Jungkook’s Child-Like Expression

His happily shocked face shows his childish expression, which makes fans feel awe.

Jungkook’s Surprised Expression

BTS Jungkook made a surprised face as if he was happily surprised to see something captivating on stage. The pink cheeks give him an adorable look.

The Smiling Face Expression

Jungkook smiled, blushing at this picture. The way he tried to hide his face while laughing and his small eyes made him look adorable.

The Hiding Face

Jungkook, blushing and laughing, hid his face with his baby hand that looked sweet and in awe. Jungkook’s gestures are making buzz on the internet.

The Omo Expression

Omo is a Korean word that generally means Oh My God. The idol kept his hands hiding his ears and smiled, reacting to something incredible he had seen.

The Shy Face

Jungkook felt shy during an event and tried to hide his face adorably. Finally, the boy smiled, and his cute gesture made us smile.

Joining Hands

BTS Jungkook joined hands, making a cute face where his eyes were closed out of happiness. Jungkook is indeed a package of sweet and cute expressions which are irresistible.

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