Because of his multi-talented singing, rapping, and dancing skills, RM gave Jungkook, who was then 15 years old, the moniker “Golden Maknae” during the very beginning of BTS’s career. The moniker stuck, and Jungkook has consistently demonstrated his status as a Golden Maknae throughout the years. There is no denying that BTS’s newest member is exceptional at everything he attempts, but here are seven occasions when Jungkook really left us in awe of his boundless abilities.

The “Bangtan Bomb” from 2016 was created by V, who participated in the fun when bottle flipping was still a popular meme (oh, those were simpler days). He attempts it multiple times, and a curious Jungkook notices his game. Following V’s accomplishment on his twelfth attempt, Jungkook gives it a shot and succeeds on his second attempt! He appears to be able to complete tasks as specific as turning a plastic water bottle with his Golden Maknae strength.

BTS displayed just a handful of their many skills when they appeared on “Star Show 360.” Jimin played a portion of their song “Butterfly” while dancing, Jungkook, and J-Hope covered Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” with a high-energy dance performance, and V showcased his saxophone skills. Despite the saxophone’s infamously challenging learning curve, Jungkook seems to have been unaware of it. He picks up the guitar with a little assistance from V and plays a few notes on his first attempt. V’s reaction of shock says it all!

Speaking of physical abilities, in January 2017, Jungkook gifted fans with this footage of him bowling. The film may only be a few seconds long, but it’s long enough to show his beautiful technique (see the pointed toe!) and the perfect path the ball takes to destroy every bowling pin. We don’t know what his final score was, but based on this video, it must have been incredible!

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