As Vogue's first solo male cover star, Harry Styles wears a dress, skirts, and more.

Times When Harry Styles Slayed In Skirts

Styles looked stunning on the top of US Vogue’s December edition in a frothy periwinkle blue Gucci gown combined with a black Gucci tuxedo jacket, making history as the first guy to be handed a solo Vogue cover. Despite the fact that most of us have marveled at the imagery’s general splendor, there has been a right-wing pushback from some who appear to be concerned with the blurring of gender distinctions.

Candace Owens, a Trump supporter, and commentator called Styles’ skirts “an obvious attack” on masculinity on Twitter. She claimed, “There is no civilization that can thrive without powerful males.” “The East is well aware of this. The gradual feminization of our males in the West, coinciding with the teaching of Marxism to our youngsters, is not a coincidence… “Return the macho guys.”

To begin, Owens should study up on her costume history, as men and skirts have a long history together. In reality, classifying skirt-wearing as a gendered activity is a rather recent development. Wraps and loincloths were worn by ancient Egyptian males, togas were worn by Romans and Greeks to show class and position, and kilts have been worn by Scottish Highlanders since the 16th century, despite their lack of masculinity.

Another photo from the session shows Harry in a plaid high-waisted skirt with a heavy gold belt holding it up. A brown tank-top completes the appearance, allowing Harry’s arm muscles to be fully shown. He’s sporting combat boots and his hair is neatly parted to the side and curled to complete the image.

Harry attributes his sense of style to Harry Lambert, a stylist he met seven years ago.