Check out the top 5 romantic songs of BTS fame Jungkook

Top 5 romantic K-Pop songs of BTS fame Jungkook you can use to propose your crush

The K-Pop culture has seen a rapid rise in popularity like no other in the last few years. K-pop, as a musical genre, was always prevalent ever since the 1980s but it was only after 2018 did it gain popularity all around the world. K-pop music artistes are extremely talented and what separates them from the world is their talent and potential as a musical group is not just limited to singing but also dancing. One such talent is Jungkook from BTS whose popularity knows no limits. His mesmerizing voice impresses one and all.

Jungkook has some exceptionally cool romantic tracks and hey readers, how about trying those songs on your crush to enhance your chances of winning her? Take a look at our list below –

I Am In Love

Lost Stars

So Far Away

You’re my

Paper Hearts

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