The BTS boyband is well and truly the most popular and admired squad that we have in the world at present. All the seven members of the squad have over the years worked incredibly hard to take the squad where they are today and well, that’s why, anything and everything that they do manages to get a lot of love and attention from fans and admirers in general. Well, to tell you all specifically ladies and gentlemen, one individual who’s always been at the forefront of things when it comes to fandom and attention is none other than BTS member Jungkook. He is loved incredibly by ARMY all over the globe and no wonder, we love anything and everything coming from his end ladies and gentlemen.

Each and every time Jungkook makes a special appearance in public ladies and gentlemen, anything and everything that Jungkook does manages to get a lot of love and affection from fans in general. But hey folks, have you all thought as to what makes Jungkook special and amazing for all ARMY? Well, to be very honest, it is tough to analyse and understand. We genuinely feel that it is his humble and sweet nature along with his giving attitude towards everyone that makes him so special for all his fans.

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