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M M Keeravani denies reports of retirement

I Am Not Retiring: M M Keeravani

A report on an entertainment portal stating that the prolific Tamil-Telugu-Hindi music composer M M Keeravani is planning to retire, has caused distress among some of his fans who believe the written word.

But when I asked Keeravani, a dear friend for many years with whom I exchange songs on WhatsApp, about the report he was taken aback.

“I am retiring, Sir? That’s news to me!” he said without an iota of irony. Then after a thought he added, “I am in a farmhouse right now far removed from all the news and hearsay that floats around in the city. Way back in 2014 I did consider retirement. Not any more. It’s been five years since I gave up the idea of retirement. But the speculation continues, ” sighs the softspoken Keeravani whose all-time favourite composer is Sachin Dev Burman.

Why did he contemplate retirement 5 years ago? “I thought I had worked enough and it was time to make way for other younger composers. I have been composing since 1990. And I did consider hanging up my boots…rather, beats. But my daughter and wife didn’t allow me to. So here I am six years later, still on the scene but not in the race for sure.”

After Baahubali, Keeravani’s score for Rajamouli’s RRR is eagerly awaited. What kind of music can we expect?

“Well, it’s a period drama, set in 1922. The sound of my music is partly Baahubali-ish and partly military-based. One thing I can guarantee you. It’s a sound never heard before,” promises the ever-innovative and unfailingly melodious Keeravani.

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