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Check out some floral outfit fashion from Kim Taehyung

BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung’s Floral Outfit Fashion Is An Inspiration

The Bangtan Boys aka BTS are currently the most popular K-Pop boyband in the world at the moment. All the members in the team starting from Jungkook to Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and V are very popular but what separates V from the rest of his contemporaries is his unique sense of fashion and style. Wondering what style are we talking about? Well, he’s the only one in the squad who actually prefers wearing floral print shirts and trousers and our word is that he certainly pulls off the look with perfection as well.

But to you all you men out there who are probably a little hesitant when it comes to trying the floral fashion, take cues from V and keep inspiring and rocking the look. Take a look –

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