Tense and Hot J-Hope, a member of BTS, is ac Both: Army enjoys it

J-Hope of BTS has the attractive smile. However, when he becomes serious and stops grinning, he shows a whole different side to himself that enrages followers! Below are some of his attractive serious moments, as reported by ARMY.

In a casual setting: J-Hope displays his cool and collected side in more relaxed situations like live streams, vlogs, or practicing with the members. Fans drool over J-Hope’s boyfriend-material vibe when he is concentrating.

Monitoring his performance: Get ready for “Team Leader Jung” with your heart! His male charisma is most noticeable when he is scrutinizing a performance, whether it be his own or that of others. The members’ mild fear of how intense he can get is understandable.

Off Stage: He is all business off the stage, and his admirers think that’s incredibly attractive. He exerts every effort behind the scenes to present the best performance and ensure the seamless operation of the show. There is nothing he cannot accomplish, not even helping others!

On stage: The finest spot to catch J-Hope displaying his most endearing expressions is on stage! Choose between “completely wild and badass” J-Hope or “serious, getting business done” J-Hope!

Photoshoots: J-Hope isn’t hesitant to use a somber face in pictorials and he looks great in them!

Source: Koreaboo

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