BTS Jin is one of the cutest members of the band. Here we list some of his wacky and interesting facts

Undoubtedly you know the K-pop band BTS. The established band in South Korea has made the audience mesmerized in their voice and dance art. The boy band consists of 7 members, among which Jin is the eldest. A few days ago, the idol took a hiatus from his music career to serve the mandatory military service for his Nation. At the same time, the idol shows his respect for the Nation through his military service. So the BTS ARMY is already missing him. And here we look at his wacky and interesting facts unknown to you.

1) Jin becomes clingy when he drinks a lot. And talking about the same BTS, Jin himself said, “I’m a cutie. Even when I’m sober, I tend to be clingy with my members. But it gets even more aggressive when I drink. My aegyo gets more powerful.”

2) Jin can keep his eyes open for 5 minutes. He has also won the contest of keeping the eyes open. This is shocking as his eyes are very dry.

3) The 30-year-old also blinds his eyes very much due to the dryness of his eyes.

4) Cute Jin can move his finger beyond the usual limit, which is medically termed Hypermobile fingers. However, Jin also has dexterous toes and can perform several things with the help of his toes.

5) Another habit Jin has is that he loves glasses. He is not okay with only one pair of glasses, but he wants more and more.

6) Unlike normal people, BTS Jin takes big bites when he eats. Naturally, this also makes fans wonder about him.

7)Like many of us, Jin is a pout lover. So she often bumps into others’ pictures with his pout.

8)The idol Jin is noisy while chewing food. This also makes him the cutest in BTS.

BTS Jin has many wacky things, and here we listed some top ones. Sure you were entertained reading them all. So what is your take on Jin’s wacky behaviors? Please share with us in the comments. Follow

Source: Koreaboo

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