BTS team is scared of Jungkook for these reasons. Read here.

Is BTS Scared Of Jungkook?

Jungkook is surely the youngest member of Team BTS, but the youngster is really one adventure freak and hero, who makes the others in his team proud!!

Also, his vigor to compete in daring activities makes him the most fearless member of the group.

So what is it that makes the other BTS members scared of Jungkook?

We tell you why…

Jungkook is not afraid of anything. He is fearless in daring heights, and can do any kind of antics in mid air. His Catapult ride was one adventure that shook the other members of BTS.

He flings, jumps, rides with dare and this makes him the super confident guy that he is!! And all this of course makes the other members in BTS scary.

Is BTS Scared Of Jungkook? Is BTS Scared Of Jungkook? 1

So you can say that, Jungkook’s super-confidence scares the BTS!!

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