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Who has the biggest fan following between the music groups BTS and ITZY?

BTS Vs ITZY: Who Has The Biggest Fan Following?

Music is an eternal part of everyone’s lives. We love listening to varied bands and stars when it comes to our love for music. Well, today we talk of BTS, the Bangtan Boys, and ITZY the 5-member group of girls who have made a huge impact with their music.

Talking of BTS, it is a seven-member South Korean boy band which debuted in the year 2013. The band has literally evolved in its range of music and genres. The lyrics of their songs are very subjective, and touches upon messages, social issues and is educative too. The group has been a big hit with their albums selling like hotcakes.

ITZY the group consists of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna. All five of them are extremely talented, young and enthusiastic. Their song and dance make their music more peppy and cool. All of them individually have gained stardom and are known for their popular nicknames.

Now, which group of singers do you think has the biggest fan following?

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