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The combined net worth of Jungkook and his brother Jeon Jung-Hyun will blow your mind

BTS’s Jungkook And Brother Jeon Jung-Hyun’s Combined Net Worth Will Surely Leave You Speechless

Jungkook, the baby of boy band BTS, is one of the most favorites and has the band’s highest fan base. He is the songwriter as well as the vocalist of the band. After being eliminated from talent show Superstar K, he received many requests and offers to join from seven entertainment companies. But he was most inspired looking at RM and hence, he decided to join Big Entertainment.

Initially, Jungkook planned to become a badminton player, but he was highly influenced by G-Dragon performing Heartbreaker. And so he changed his plans and decided to become a singer. He also went to the USA to learn dancing and become a professional dancer. He was also contemplating leaving the band and becoming a full-time dancer, but Jimin convinced him against the thought. Jungkook has received tremendous love and support from his fans. He looks up to Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and Usher as his motivational figures.

Jungkook has an elder brother named Jeon Jung-Hyun, but there is not much information available about him. As per data available on Jungkook has a total net worth of $8 million.

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