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Has Jungkook already lost his heart to IU? Here's a little detail

Does BTS Jungkook Have A Crush On IU?

Currently, everyone is obsessing over the K-pop band BTS, and who is to blame? They look sizzling hot, just like every fairytale prince, have a great sense of fashion, and are most importantly, amazing singers. But the one from this boy band who has caught the eye of everyone is Jungkook.

Jungkook has gathered a colossal fan base and girls are just crazy for him. Many celebrities also have expressed their interest and fondness towards him. From Ryan Reynolds to Maisie Williams and Ariana Grande, everyone tends to have a soft corner towards him. But do you know who our favorite boy has been crushing on? Yes, he likes someone and has shown a keen interest in IU, and it’s no secret.

Time and again, Jungkook has expressed his feelings and fondness towards IU. From revealing that he spent his money buying IU’s album and trying to grab a few fashion quotes from her, it is evident to the ARMY he fell for.

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