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Best BTS songs that will light up your mood

From Dynamite To Boy With Luv: Here’s Top 10 Playlist Of K-pop Boy Band BTS You Should Watch RIGHT Now

For the last few years, people have been listening more than ever to K-pop. It is growing more and more into fame, and people have started enjoying their music but the one to have gained substantial worldwide popularity is K-pop boy band BTS. They have become an enormous hit and worldwide phenomenon, and there are millions of fans worldwide swooning over them.

BTS has given us every possible music playlist. From workout, tracks to focus on work and have some leisure time dancing with the beats. Their songs are true stress busters. As well as their song videos are exhilarating and watching them dance to the rhythm, there is something to their song video and pieces that are mind refreshing and can make you a whole new person.

The most important highlights in the BTS band songs were mostly made concerning mental health. They have advocated and worked endlessly to promote mental health. Through their songs, they give us a message on how one must love themselves and be healthy.

Here are some of the greatest songs from BTS that are mandatory to listen to.


Stay Gold


Love Yourself

Summer In Seoul

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