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Over the years we have come across some of the best pop singers whom we have loved since our teenage years and we’re now seeing them soaring to greater heights. One such star we know and are huge fans of is Justin Bieber and we are here to find out if you too are huge fans of the star.

Justin Bieber fan? Answer these interesting questions!

Justin Bieber is without any doubt one of the most loved stars in the pop music industry. The star was loved ever since He was first discovered. The star now has a fan base of millions all over the world who just don’t seem to stop growing in numbers. This is mainly due to his great hits and amazing personality.

Just as we mentioned above, the star has a fan base of millions. But what amuses us time and again is the fact that every fan in the fan base claims to be the biggest fan of the star. Do you think k you’re a big fan of the star too? Take the quiz we have prepared for you below to know the results!

Q1- What platform was Justin Bieber discovered on before he entered the pop music industry?

Q2- What was Justin’s first number one hit worldwide?

Q3- Which song did Justin collaborate with Jaden Smith for?

Q4- What was the name of Justin’s 4th studio album?

Q5- What was Justin’s first single track called?

Q6- Which rapper did Justin collaborate with for Beauty and a beat?

Q7- Which Carly Rae Jepsen song did Justin have a cameo in?

Did you get through all of the above questions with complete ease? If yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are a big fan of the star. Stay tuned with us for more updates and exciting quizzes on your favorite celebs.

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