BTS Jin on Tuesday entered the boot camp to serve his Nation. In South Korea, every citizen must do two years of military service before the age of 30. As per the rule, K-pop Idol also took hiatus to serve his Nation. At the same time, BTS ARMY was not okay with the news but loved the idol for his respect for the country. Jin became the first member of the World famous band BTS to serve the Nation for two years in the South Korean military. In comparison, other members will also schedule their mandatory military service. However, nothing has been revealed yet.

The 30-year-old idol Jin also got a new haircut as per his military schedule that buzzed on the internet. It’s been two days, and fans are already missing the cute idol Jin. And here we share some of his adorable pictures to treat the ARMY missing the idol.

1) Winking Jin

Jin is the eldest in the group. Yet no less than anyone in terms of cuteness. The idol wore a white hoodie and winked at ARMY, which made fans go crazy about his charismatic looks.

2)All Hearts For ARMY

BTS Jin turned 30 this year. And as per the national law, the idol is scheduled to serve his Nation. The idol looks adorable, makes a heart, and will win the hearts of enemies approaching him. And they are lucky to meet him.

3)The Pout Picture

BTS made fans fall for him with his cuteness in this picture. The idol made a pout and posed for the camera. And ARMY’s are wondering. How can someone be so cute? Aww!!.

4) The V Pose

This pose is the favorite of all fans and BTS members. Jin posed, wondering about something in a black and white loose t-shirt. In contrast, his mere smile is stabbing hearts. The idol looks super cute and attractive in this picture.

5) The Oppa Pictures

BTS boys are undoubtedly very captivating. The idol posed, looking into the camera. The idol has an edgy jawline and a lean figure. He often makes us wonder about him. Who doesn’t want an Oppa like him?

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