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These rumors on BTS are making rounds on the internet

Take A Look At The Top BTS Rumors

When you get famous, the paparazzi following you is inevitable. And at times like these, many rumors are bound to spark. Because fans and even common people love jumping to conclusions. Therefore, when you get spotted with someone or might even say the wrong thing at the wrong time, bam! You have a good story and rumor running around like wildfire. BTS is a hugely popular and appreciated band all over the globe.

Take A Look At The Top BTS Rumors 1

With immense popularity comes another unwanted baggage and, i.e., of rumors and no privacy. There have been numerous times when BTS boys were followed, and their private space was invaded. Besides their songs, many other things about them have made the headline. We have a list of few rumors that were later proved false.

There have been many rumors about the BTS boys dating. They were spotted with their friends, but fans mistook them to be their newly found fling. However, the clause set by Big Entertainment proved all other speculation false because the boys are not allowed to date until they have taken the head’s permission.

Another news that was making headlines was J-Hope getting a nose job. But slowly, with lack of evidence, the rumor of plastic surgery died down. All the rumors as mentioned earlier and them to be false data have been taken from pinkvilla.com.

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