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Who is the best singer to entertain you, between Taylor Swift and Rihanna?

Taylor Swift Vs Rihanna: Best Singer To Entertain You?

Taylor Swift the American singer and songwriter is known for her narrative style in her songs which usually revolves around her personal life. She has won four Grammys and has given many best-selling albums in her career. Songs like ‘Love Story’, ‘You Belong With Me’, ‘Speak Now’, ‘Shake It’ etc have been eye-catchers and have given her huge fame.

Rihanna the Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress has her own unique musical style and this is what has catapulted her to the top. Rihanna’s albums ‘Music of the Sun’, ‘A Girl Like Me’, ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ etc have been chartbusters and huge songs in her career.

Now if we ask you, who among Taylor Swift and Rihanna are likely to entertain you more who will you vote for?

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