The IPL 2023 is currently in a very crucial juncture right now. The tournament is right now slowly entering the end stage and well, fans are loving the excitement that’s currently growing and how. Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings are two teams who have always had fascinating contests with each other and we love it. In the past, on many occasions, both Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings have had crucial encounters and well, both the teams have managed to dominate each other the right way. Well, in today’s game between Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings, it was the latter who eventually had the last laugh. Yes, that’s true ladies and gentlemen. Punjab Kings managed to win the game by 31 runs and well, all of the cricket fans in Punjab are immensely happy and excited.

Know more about Delhi Capitals and their fate in IPL 2023 this season:

With the likes of Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting in the dressing room, you expect great results from a team, don’t you? However, that wasn’t the case this season with Delhi Capitals. Their performance was below average and hence, in the process, they became the first team to be eliminated of the tournament. This has certainly made all Delhi Capitals fans very sad.

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