Know the latest about Shikhar Dhawan and Mayank Agarwal

IPL 2023: Shikhar Dhawan replaced Mayank Agarwal as Punjab Kings’ new captain

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most admired and loved cricketers that we have in the country. The man has been truly entertaining and winning the hearts of one and all in the true sense of the term. Right from the year 2013 till now, Shikhar has pretty much been a consistent member of the Indian cricket team. Not just International cricket ladies and gentlemen, Shikhar Dhawan has also created a lot of impact in the IPL. Whenever he plays cricket in T20 domestic competitions, he’s managed to create impact at the top of the order and we love it.

Right now, after having played for different teams, Shikhar is a part of Punjab Kings’. Last year, our very own Gabbar played under the leadership of Mayank Agarwal. Well, right now, the latest update as per media reports in Hindustan Times is that Shikhar Dhawan has replaced Mayank Agarwal as the captain of the Punjab Kings’. Well, it will be interesting to see how the team functions under his leadership next year.

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