Mumbai, 28th May 2023: TV9 Network recently organized the News9 Plus Corporate Cup, where the victorious HDFC Bank team had the privilege of experiencing a Bundesliga match in Germany. It is evident that this event has much to offer.

Before the highly anticipated match at Allianz Arena, the HDFC Bank Team had the privilege of visiting the Bundesliga Esports centre, where they witnessed virtual football competitions involving Bundesliga teams. TV9 Network and the winning team got a chance to meet and interact with Lothar Matthus, the inaugural FIFA World Player of the Year in 1991, 1990 Ballon d’Or winner, and Roman Weidenfeller, former Germany, and Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper.

When the TV9 Network team presented the Lord Ganesha idol to Lothar Matthaus, he held the statue in his hands and was overwhelmed with emotion. The gift of Lord Ganesha brought him immense joy. It is no surprise, as he, a legendary figure in German football, has the World Cup under his belt. Currently seated in Bayern Munich’s den, Matthaus continues to inspire. Just as TV9 Network presented a gift to Lord Ganesh, Matthaus reciprocated by signing a Bayern Munich jersey and sending it back.

Matthaus himself expressed his interest in Indian football, acknowledging that India has a relatively young football culture. He conveyed his willingness to contribute to Indian football if the need arises. Additionally, he expressed his desire to visit India and meet his fans.

He commended TV9’s remarkable initiative, acknowledging its lasting impact. The Corporate Cup serves as a platform to discover new talents, and in the days to come, it will continue to uncover promising individuals. Bringing talented players from a vast country like India should not pose a challenge; it simply requires effective scouting.

News9 Plus Corporate Cup 2023 winners have an exclusive date with Football Legend Lothar Matthaus in Munich; the veteran German Sports leader eyes an India visit to promote the sport. 811439

News9 Plus Corporate Cup 2023 winners have an exclusive date with Football Legend Lothar Matthaus in Munich; the veteran German Sports leader eyes an India visit to promote the sport. 811443

Roman Wiedenfeller, another distinguished World Cup player, shared valuable insights into Indian football and engaged in separate discussions with the team.

Having secured the championship in the one-of-a-kind corporate tournament on May 7, the members of HDFC Bank Team experienced the exhilarating spectacle of the European giants Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig clash in a highly anticipated German first-division football match on Saturday, May 20, in Munich, Germany. Joining the winning team in the stands to witness the breath-taking football action was Girish Mahajan, Maharashtra’s Sports, and Youth Welfare Minister.

With bated breath, the football aficionados watched from the stands as the two powerhouse teams battled it out on the pitch. The match was filled with pulsating moments, brilliant displays of skill, and relentless determination from both sides. The crowd erupted in applause as the players showcased their exceptional abilities and strategic prowess. The visitors RB Leipzig emerged victorious with a stunning 3-1 win, ending Bayern Munich’s hopes of securing their 11th successive title.

While sharing his experience Sukesh Shastri, Senior Vice President of HDFC bank, said, “Our time in Germany was truly electrifying. Witnessing the match alongside passionate football fans from around the world was a remarkable experience. Meeting legends like Mr. Lothar Matthus and Roman Weidenfeller was the main highlight of our trip. It is a great experience for all the corporates in India that TV9 Network has built and from here we just expect to go to the next level.”

The News9 Corporate Cup has left an indelible impression in the corporate realm, weekend football has typically revolved around prize money. However, TV9’s visionary initiative has sparked a different kind of dream, opening new horizons for the future.