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Virat Kohli will always LOVE MS Dhoni. Find out why

In today’s time in Indian cricket, Virat Kohli’s name has become synonymous with ‘modern-day legend’. We often see fans chanting in Hindi ‘Kal tha Tendulkar.. Aaj Hai Kohli’, meaning the love and adulation for Virat is such that he is put at par with the world’s greatest batsman, Sachin Tendulkar.

But did Virat Kohli become the cricketer that he is overnight? The answer is NO! To become the kind of cricketer that Virat has become today, one needs skills, dedication, long-hour net sessions, determination and most importantly, a captain to back and groom the player for the future masterclass. While all the other qualities are in one’s hand and depend upon one’s own hard work, whether one gets a supportive captain or not at the initial stages of his career is something totally a matter of luck and fortune. This is where M.S Dhoni came as a blessing in disguise for Virat Kohli

In the year 2008, it was a high-octane and intensifying ODI series between India and Sri Lanka. India’s first-choice opener Virender Sehwag was injured that paved the way for Kohli to make his debut at the Lankan fortress of Dambulla. He scored just a meager 12 in that ODI match but showed promise. Now in such a situation, an insecure captain will push the player down and bench him. But not someone like ‘Captain Cool’ MS Dhoni.

MS realizing what Virat can bring to the table gave him more opportunities and believed in him when probably Virat himself didn’t believe in his own ability to survive the test of International Cricket. A supportive captain like Dhoni gave Virat the confidence that he too belongs in the International stage and that started the beginning of the ‘greatness’ of Virat Kohli.

Soon, what followed was setting up records after records overshadowing everyone in the team and when we say everyone, we mean Dhoni as well. But no matter how big you become, can your respect for your mentor ever change? That’s the same with Virat as we have seen time and again how we would give a tough time to Dhoni’s critics every time they would say ‘Dhoni’s time is over’.

The love shows even on the field when Virat would blindly listen to Dhoni’s call and not question it despite him being the captain of the team.

To cut things short, Virat Kohli might be the biggest cricketer in world cricket today but it is his off-field attitude and respect towards everyone, especially Dhoni that makes him the favorite of fans. As they say, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

That’s exactly the reason behind the ‘rise & rise’ of Virat Kohli. We absolutely love the fact and we believe that tomorrow if the entire world goes against MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli will still stay true and loyal to his ‘captain’ and go against the world. Nice one ‘Cheeku’, you deserve it all.

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