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Amazing Style Game to Copy from Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is considered to be the best footballer in the world and quite the fashion icon. Messi has won the FIFA Player of the year (Ballon D’or) six times which is a record for the highest by any player. He is a beast on the field but off-field, his personality is charming but that is not the only dashing thing about him.

His journey has been quite a rollercoaster ride and often a victim to trolls but his comeback is always strong. The fashion icon makes sure he is always looking dapper. The spotlight on and off-field is always on him. His chiseled face in all glory makes the crowd talk.

Messi is an eye-candy in every outfit. His reverse Dalmatian polka-dot suit while accepting the Ballon D’or sparked a lot of controversies but his fashion statement made quite the impact. He makes any geeky look hot. Messi’s shaggy Beatles mop hairstyle made everyone’s head turn. The gorgeous footballer makes every look stand out.

His fashion statements can be seen on the field as well. He finds new ways to wear his Barcelona merchandise. His shirt pulled up to his face was trending and followed by others. He finds new ways to set apart from the rest. Messi loves wearing ripped, acid wash jeans oof.

Messi is known for his bizarre fashion choices but that is what sets him apart. He makes any fashion statement a trendsetter. The footballer knows his fashion and his killer smile adorned with the look just makes any outfit look perfect.

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