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If you are looking for some cool men hairstyles, then Neymar is a perfect inspiration for you. Pick up one from his vast range of styles over the past two decades.

Copy These Amazing Hairstyles From Neymar

The Brazilian footballer, Neymar Jr. has been a strength for its team. The FIFA Ballon d’Or winner in 2015, has also been a fashion freak too. Apart from his passion and dedication for the game, the player has also been a fashion freak. Neymar has always been spotted in some or the other cool look. From head to toe, he dresses up so perfectly.

When we are talking about his fashion aesthetics, how can we not mention dope hairstyles? He has switched the hair colour a lot of times, from blonde to brown. If you are looking for a new hairdo, then Neymar is perfect for you. He has got himself a variety of hairstyles. But from all of them, quiff and mohawk remained his favourite hairstyle. From long to short, he has looked super attractive in all the styles.

Here are the set of pictures of Neymar in different hairstyles. Have a look and pick up your favourite one.

Tell us which one are you going to try next?

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