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Do you know, other than scoring goals on the field, CR7 is also a fashion BFF? Have a look at these pictures for the proof!

Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Perfect Fashion BFF

Athletes all over the world, have excelled in their field with their performances. In the case of football, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer has too. He is well known for playing smart and sporty in the stadiums, and striking the ball to the goal post, with his magical legs. He has inspired a huge mass of youth, not only by his playing skills but also with his fashion style. The footballer is quite famous for his fashion too.

Ronaldo has appeared in various photoshoots, posing, and modeling for different fashion brands too. His spikey hairstyle is no doubt, adored by many. He has got his own fashion firm too. His CR7 Underwear and CR7 Denim is quite famous. The player has a classy fashion that makes him more handsome. He is adaptable to any kind of style. He slays in both on and off-field, and hence his perfection in both the spheres is proved.

Here are some heart-robing pictures of him in different fashionable outfits, that proves him to be a perfect fashion BFF. Take a look!

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